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ABOUT Whoooot

Whoooot is a documented journey into the world of marine aquariums and all the colors and surprises along the way. 

A simple curiosity about Clownfish (in particular Whoooot, my very first clownfish) has grown into an obsession into becoming an aquarist with a fully functioning marine aquarium with friendly tank mates for Whoooot and a blossoming accompaniment of LPS and SPS corals.  Here is a picture of our favorite little fella below...

About Whoooot

A few things you should know about Whoooot

We strongly believe in practising responsible and ethical aquamarine ownership.  This means that we always try to purchase our live stock from retail outlets that source from fish and coral farmers who propagate their own stock.  Yes - unfortunately that means that some of the more exotic varieties are not available.  However it also means that this hobby/obsession will have a minimal impact on the natural environment and not encourage over-farming of the brilliant coral reefs that exist today.

Whoooot is also a learning journey.  As all aquarists begin in the same position, we all enter this hobby fresh and keen to create the most colorful and unique marine aquarium we can.  However like everyone, we will make mistakes along the way.  It is our hope that this Whoooot journey will help other budding aquarists along their journey and they can learn (and potentially avoid) the many mistakes that we have/will make.  As a responsible aquarist, we try to conduct as much research into our next purchase.  This is to ensure the best care can be provided.  However, inevitably with all learning experiences, mistakes can happen.  We hope that we can document the hurdles that we have experienced and others may learn from them.

WHO is Whoooot for?

Whoooot is for the beginning aquarists out there looking to discover and learn as much as they can about the world of marine aquariums.  

However, we also have plenty of information and knowledge to share with the experienced hobbyists.  I am a firm believer that we are always learning. 

Through community forums and informative article series, our readers can learn about the latest developments in marine aquariums.  Whether that is the latest in lighting technology for your aquariums or information on how to care for specific varieties of fish and corals. 

We aim to form a collaborative community - so if you haven't already JOIN THE COMMUNITY and FOLLOW US. 

We love hearing from fellow aquarists so we always welcome community feedback and involvement. 




HOW Whoooot works?

As mentioned above Whoooot aims to form a thriving community.  The more knowledge that can be shared around, the more we can all learn and create beautiful, fulfilling marine aquariums. 

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Feel free to reach out to us at contact@whoooot.com if you have any questions or requests for trends you would like us to cover. 

We sincerely wish the best to all our readers.  

The Whoooot Team

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